Taking the First Step

I sat at my desk looking for distractions while procrastigrading – procrastinating the grading of the term papers for my marketing research class. And then an answer to my prayers–the perfect excuse popped in my inbox. An email advertising the Fulbright program. “Yes!” I thought. “I should definitely spend the next 2 hours reading and daydreaming about the possibility of living in a different country for a year! Why grade today when you can distract yourself with something less essential!?”

And so it began…

The journey itself took over a year and included lots of networking, research, more networking, meetings, more research, waiting, waiting and waiting and then finally… the acceptance letter we were desperately seeking. I was named a Fulbright Scholar to research and teach in Bucharest Romania for one year at SNSPA. Dreams do come true!

As daunting as the application felt, that was the easy part. Transferring my husband’s job, and relocating with one year old son and our crazy hound dog has been a bigger hurdle. We move to Romania during the first week of August and are currently in the throes of the logistical nightmare of moving out of country. Stay tuned for updates as we chronicle our adventures for the year.

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